Latest Updates From Snap Inc.

Snap recently hosted its Partner Summit keynote, highlighting various new features and updates for Snapchat, as well as updates on advertising for brands, partnership deals and more. Read below to find out the biggest takeaways from the summit:

1. Snapchat currently boasts 229 Million daily active users.

2. Snapchat introduced new navigation tools as well as new features for the Snap Map and Stories, making the app more user-friendly.

3. Snap Map, a feature on the app which shows what your Snapchat friends are up to and highlights stories from the Snapchat community, is getting a new feature: Places. Starting soon in the US, it'll showcase popular spots, which can add the location, the address, hours of operations, etc. What's exciting is that you can also be able to order food through apps like Uber Eats.

4. One of the most important takeaway from the summit was the Snap Minis, which will be launched in July 2020. Snap Minis are third-party programs that live inside the app’s Chat section, which users can quickly pull up alongside friends without having to deal with switching apps. Minis can include ordering movie tickets, meditation and more. Snap has partnered with Headspace, as an early adopter, to create Headspace Mini that will give Snapchat users access to Headspace's meditations and mindfulness practices.

5. Snap has launched a new mental health tool, "Here For You", part of the built-in search feature, to show "safety resources" from mental health experts - including local experts - when users search for topics like anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and bullying.

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