Master Collection Blue

Longines is synonymous with elegance, tradition and performance. The Swiss brand produces fine watches which embrace technical and aesthetic excellence. Longines partnered up with us to send influencers to Sydney, Australia to experience the luxurious world of Longines and attend The Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes Horse Racing event.

Objectives for

The goals of Longines was to create engaging posts in order to increase awareness and exposure for Longines new collection, Master Collection Blue. By creating beautiful content that compliments Longines lifestyle, we could showcase their personality by connecting it to the vibrant and exciting lifestyle of boating and horse racing in Sydney, Australia.

Our Solution

We selected two globally known influencers, who were in sync with the identity of Longines, to share their experience in Sydney, Australia alongside the brand. They created engaging content made out of genuine love for the brand, which could be seen by their aspirational and vibrant content. The influencers were asked to post 2-3 Instagram posts, 1 Instagram Story and 1 blog post over the course of one week. The official @longines account was tagged, along with the hashtag #MasterCollectionBlue in order to tie the campaign to the new collection.

The Results

The campaign obtained extremely positive sentiments. The viewers were highly engaged, with many showing strong support for the brand and excitement for the new watch collection. By the end of the campaign, the expected impressions were more than doubled. Overall, Longines was able to captivate its target audience and gain more recognition for both its brand and new Master Collection Blue by broadcasting its identity across social media.

2 Influencers
+3.1M Total Reach
5 Instagram Posts
+680K Total interactions
+4.8% average engagement

Feed Your Adventure
Feed Your

We paired with CLIF Bar to help them bring customer awareness to the Canadian market through teaming up with Canadian influencers. We chose from a wide selection of influencers, ranging from fitness enthusiasts and adventure junkies, to mommy bloggers and lifestyle influencers. They all shared one thing in common: to feed their everyday adventure.

Objectives for

CLIF Bar allows everyday people to feel their greatest by providing them energy through the highest quality and certified organic ingredients.

CLIF Bars goals were to diversify its target market by showing how CLIF Bars are not only for adventure junkies and fitness enthusiasts, but are also the perfect snack for everyone to have for their day-to-day activities. Its objectives were also to increase customer awareness in the Canadian market and engage with their audience through influencer marketing.

Our Solution

We selected 18 Canadian influencers with different daily interests, but all having a common interest of feeding their adventure and already being fans of CLIF Bars. Over the course of 8 weeks, each influencer was asked to post 1-2 pictures on Instagram showing how they incorporate CLIF Bars into their daily routines. The posts incorporated the hashtag #FeedYourAdventure and encouraged their followers to follow @clifbar where they would take over CLIFs Instagram Stories to show what happens in their adventure-filled days.

The Results

The response to the CLIF Bar campaign showed excitement for the brand, and reached a larger audience than estimated. CLIF gained more recognition in Canada due to the successfully matched Canadian influencers. Their posts and Instagram takeovers generated buzz for CLIF Bars by promoting not only the product, but the active, passionate and adventurous lifestyle that goes along with it.

Several influencers did complimentary posts for CLIF, which indicated that the brand aligned perfectly with the interest, desires and lifestyles of the influencers. In turn, CLIF grew their Instagram following by 9.66%.

18 Influencers
+9.8M TOTAL Impressions
34 IG Posts, 4 IG Takeovers
+234K Total Engagement
+9.66% IG follower increase

Happy 90th Anniversary
Happy 90th

Furla wanted to celebrate its 90th Anniversary with a new collection of 9 unique bag flap designs. They created 9 unique bag flaps symbolizing various fashion eras to reflect the vast history of Furla over these nine decades.

Objectives for

To help celebrate Furla’s milestone, we wanted to bring the brand closer to the hearts of consumers for a spectacular display of anniversary celebrations. We connected Furla to highly relevant influencers who embodied the fun and energetic persona of the brand. Through these influencers, we showcased Furla’s anniversary collection and allowed our target audience to gain insights into the brands strength and experience in design and craftsmanship.

Our Solution

Our influencers were given a bag from the collection that matched their fashion style and character. Together with a unique style and #FurlaFeeling, the bags were showcased to the audiences. This allowed them to pour in creative juices and passion for Furla’s unique collection into their posts. Spanning from mid-May to June, numerous Instagram posts and stories were generated about Furla’s anniversary collection. All of which were tagged under #FurlaFeeling and #Furla90Anniversary.

The Results

The overall campaign obtained a positive engagement and overall reach. Most of the influencers did numerous complimentary posts, on different occasions which helped to increase the reach and product awareness significantly. The bags made appearance on several Instagram stories beyond campaign guidelines which helped strengthen authenticity and product awareness.

8 Influencers
+42.5M total REACH
+4.8% Total Engagement
32 Posts

7 countries
+14M Booked REACH
+3M Total interactions
2 Channels

Spreading Spring Fever

Moët & Chandon champagne embodies luxury, excellence and celebration. For their Spring Fever Collection, we teamed up with Moët & Chandon to build brand awareness and promote their exclusive collection. We selected 10 influencers to create beautiful content that raised awareness for the Spring Fever collection.

Objectives for
Moët & Chandon

Moët & Chandon Spring Fever collection showcased a special pink bottle edition of their Moët Rosé Champagne. Their Rosé champagne expresses romantic expression and spontaneity, making it the drink of choice for celebration.

The objective was to raise awareness for their Spring Collection and at the same time, raise awareness for the overall brand through influencer marketing.

Our Solution

We selected 10 female influencers from Germany that embodied the style of Moët Rosé Champagne and Moët & Chandon: femininity, happiness and celebration. Each influencer was asked to create content that showed them sharing special moments with their loved ones or showed the influencer in their happy place while showcasing the Moët Rosé Spring Fever bottle. Their beautiful content featured the hashtags #MoetMoment, #ShareTheNow and #LoveTheNow.

The Results

The high engagement rates from influencers and consumers indicate that the selected influencers engaging and passionate content were a great fit to Moët & Chandon. The influencers received positive comments about their excitement for the brand, along with many likes and shares. The campaign lead to an increase of followers on the brands Instagram by 11.3% due to the content created.

10 Influencers
19 Instagram Posts
4% Total Engagement

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