Chris Kastenholz featured on AdWeek

Our CEO provided thought leadership on AI’s impact on marketing

May 30, 2023

Marketing publication AdWeek has featured Pulse Advertising Co-Founder and CEO Chris Kastenholz in their round-up, ‘What’s Next for AI and Marketing?’. The article details how AI technology will impact everything from influencer marketing to social media to branding.

Chris explains how the dominance of chatbots such as ChatGPT will change how we use search engines. As users become accustomed to directing their questions towards ChatGPT rather than Google, fewer users will discover brands via Google search.

Meanwhile, social media search is on the rise: brands can overcome the migration away from Google search with a social-first advertising strategy that includes brand campaigns on TikTok.

Read the full article here or talk to us about how to grow your brand awareness via social media.

“As more users take advantage of the benefits of AI-integrated search, brands stand to gain less traction from SEO and paid Google ads as traditional search engine usage decreases."