Chris Kastenholz featured on Der Meta Podcast

Chris shares why influencer marketing is a must for brands.

October 13, 2022

“The advantage of influencer marketing is that I can directly see how many people I’ve reached, how many of those are interested in my product and even how many have subsequently bought my product.”

Our CEO Chris Kastenholz shared his expert influencer marketing knowledge with Julia Brewing on her latest episode of Der Meta Podcast. Chris discusses why influencer marketing is steps ahead of TV and radio advertising in terms of analysing return on investment – and gives his advice for how others can begin and develop their influencer marketing strategy.

As more brands make the shift towards social-first advertising, Chris explains why it is essential for others to keep up and shares his best practices for creating impactful influencer marketing partnerships.
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“Brands are now distributing 5-10% of their advertising budget towards influencer marketing.”