Everything you need to know about Threads

Threads - the conversation-based app created by Meta - has taken the world by storm

July 19, 2023

🤔 What’s Threads all about?
  • The platform looks a lot like Twitter, with a feed of largely text-based posts — although users can also post photos and videos — where people can have real-time conversations.
  • Users can log in with their Instagram handle, import their Instagram bio and photo, and have the option to follow the same accounts as they do on Instagram.
  • You can use Threads in 100+ countries and 30+ languages – but the app isn’t currently available in the EU due to data privacy regulations.
💥 What has Threads’ impact been so far?
  • Threads has crossed 100 million users in less than a week, making it the fastest-growing app of all time.
  • Threads had 95 million posts on its first day of existence.
  • Twitter is feeling the heat, threatening Meta with legal action for creating a “copycat” app.
🤝 How should your brand use Threads?
  • You can’t advertise on Threads – yet. Once the platform grows, it will undoubtedly integrate ads into its business model.
  • Instead, show the human side of your brand with authentic content that showcases your personality and engages users.
  • Right now, there is ample organic reach on Threads – join in the app’s early stages to reap the benefits, boosting your brand awareness and reaching your target audience.

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Threads has had a huge impact in its one-week lifespan - watch this space to see how the app continues to grow.