Your Facebook and Instagram account are getting divorced - if you want

Meta is giving European users more control over their data

February 6, 2024

Meta is giving European users more control over their data, aligning with the upcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA). This move reflects Meta’s commitment to user privacy and regulatory compliance.

The DMA aims to make the tech industry fairer for consumers and businesses alike. Meta is responding by offering clear choices to its users in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland, focusing on how their data is shared between Instagram and Facebook.

Meta is introducing specific options for users across its platforms:
  • Facebook / Instagram: Users can now choose to separate their Instagram and Facebook accounts from another or they can choose to keep them connected through Meta’s account management portal.
  • Facebook Messenger: Users can now decide if they want their Messenger tied to their Facebook profile or prefer a separate Messenger account. This choice allows users to enjoy messaging and calls without automatically sharing their Facebook data.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Users can choose whether to link their Facebook data with their Marketplace activities. Those who prefer not to share their Facebook information can still buy and sell items, but communication about transactions will shift from Messenger to email.
  • Facebook Gaming: Gamers can allow Facebook to use their data to enhance their gaming experience, like getting personalised game suggestions and playing with friends. Alternatively, they can choose not to share their data, which will limit them to certain games without these personalised features.

By offering these new choices, Meta is showing its dedication to both its users and the new DMA regulations. This approach is about more than just following rules; it’s about respecting user preferences and promoting a trustworthy digital environment. Meta’s initiative is a significant step toward a future where users have more say in their online experiences.