Hit the Ground Running

Forget Clean Girl Pilates life, it's all about the Running Crew: Why Running Clubs are taking over.

May 1, 2024

Move over curated minimalism and Gwyneth Paltrow’s clean-eating lifestyle – there’s a new trend in town, and it involves breaking a sweat with like-minded people. Running clubs are becoming the go-to way for young adults to prioritise health and connect with their community. For the longest time, running has seemed like a more niche sort of exercise but it looks like more and more people, especially younger ones, want to hit the ground running these days.

Why the sudden surge?

Younger generations are placing a premium on well-being, and running provides a straightforward way to achieve that goal. Meanwhile, cities are seeing a surge in runners pounding the pavement, and social media is reflecting that trend. Young people are looking for that next endorphin rush over nights out at a bar.

Strava, a popular fitness tracking app, reports a surprising demographic leading the charge: women under 25 are the fastest-growing user group. This data aligns with reports from Les Mills, a fitness industry giant, who believe Gen Z will have an unprecedented impact on the fitness market.

A winning strategy for brands

This shift in priorities presents a golden opportunity for fitness and sporting brands. By tapping into the research on Gen Z and their focus on community and well-being, brands can leverage the power of running clubs to reach new customers.

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z prioritises authenticity, sustainability, and social responsibility when making purchases. Therefore, they actively research brands and products to ensure alignment with their values, and are willing to spend more on sustainable or ethical options. This presents a challenge for businesses who must adapt their marketing and production practices to resonate with this discerning demographic.

So, fitness companies, ditch the clean-eating aesthetic and hit the ground running, focussing on marketing that resonates with a generation that prioritises social connection and a healthy lifestyle. The running club might just be the new marketing track you need to hit the ground running.