Is TikTok the Place for New Discoveries?

The latest news from Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and this week it’s all about new discoveries, from emerging creators to new brands.

May 10, 2024

Instagram promotes original creators

Instagram is changing how posts are shown in your feed. Now, posts made by new and original creators will get more attention than reposts. Instagram wants to make sure that fresh and unique content gets seen more, so they are not showing as many posts from accounts that just reshare other people’s content and instead, are focussing more on new discoveries. This change is important for marketers because it means they need to come up with their own ideas and work more with creative people who make original posts. This way, their posts are more likely to be seen and liked by more people.

YouTube introduces ‘Jump Ahead’ feature

YouTube has added a new tool for people who subscribe to YouTube Premium. It’s called ‘Jump Ahead,’ and it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to let viewers skip to the most interesting parts of a video. This feature helps viewers find the best parts quickly without having to watch the whole video. For content creators and for marketers, this means they need to understand what parts of their videos are most interesting to viewers. This can help them make better videos in the future that keep people watching.

TikTok leads in helping users discover new products

TikTok is becoming a very important place for discovering new products. A recent study showed that 61% of TikTok users find new brands and items through the app. This is more than on any other platform when it comes to new discoveries. For people who sell things or market products, this means TikTok is a great place to focus their efforts. TikTok is especially popular with younger people, so brands that want to reach this audience should definitely be using TikTok. They should try to make fun and genuine videos that can help viewers learn about their products in an entertaining way.


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