Is Tried and Tested the Way to Go?

The latest news from X, TikTok and Meta and it seems like sometimes the bottomline really is, “don’t mess with it if it ain’t broken”.

April 12, 2024


Elon Musk is learning that tried and tested might be the way to go as he’s trying to revive X, previously Twitter, amid Tesla’s faltering market performance and his own declining net worth. Musk’s efforts include reinstating familiar elements such as status-based blue check marks and ramping up content moderation. This strategic pivot aims to restore X’s reliability and attractiveness to advertisers by going back to its successful roots. For marketers, this signals a potential resurgence in the platform’s advertising appeal as trusted functionalities return and content quality improves. The aim is to recapture high-profile users and advertisers who had drifted away in recent years due to previous policy shifts and an increase in unmoderated content.


Meanwhile, TikTok definitely knows tried and tested can be the way to go and is on the brink of launching “TikTok Notes,” a dedicated photo-sharing app designed to echo the initial success of Instagram and the growing popularity of photo-posts on TikTok. Users have been informed that their public photo posts on TikTok will seamlessly integrate into TikTok Notes. This move not only aims to capitalise on the visual content trend but also indicates a strategic push towards dominating the photo-sharing space, which could reshape social media marketing dynamics. For brands, this represents a new (or nostalgic?) opportunity for visual storytelling, potentially enriching engagement with TikTok’s vast user base.


Meta is piloting a new “Threads Bonus Program” to inspire prominent creators on its Threads app to post content more frequently. This initiative rewards creators based on the performance and regularity of their posts, and is currently available by invitation only to a select group of influencers. The introduction of this bonus scheme could provide opportunities for new influencer partnerships and content monetization, thereby boosting the platform’s appeal to both creators and marketers. As Threads grows and differentiates itself as a more positive alternative to X, it may become a key player for brands seeking safer, more controlled environments for user engagement.


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