Think there’s been a glitch? News from Threads, TikTok & YouTube

Last week’s shifts in social media are impacting e-commerce, content ethics, and search functionalities.

January 11, 2024

TikTok Plans on Immense E-Commerce Growth

TikTok is gearing up for a massive surge in its e-commerce business in 2024 with a set target of $ 17.5 million. This ambitious move places TikTok in direct competition with giants like Amazon and Chinese platforms such as Temu and SHEIN. TikTok wants to use its algorithm to push users towards in-app shopping, especially through TikTok Shop. Here, users can discover and buy products promoted by creators. Interestingly, TikTok plans to up its merchant transaction fees, but still staying below those of Amazon, a bold push in e-commerce that offers interesting opportunities for marketers and brands. The blend of TikTok’s short-form video content with e-commerce features is set to open up for new and innovative marketing campaigns on the platform.

YouTube Takes a Stand Against Unethical AI-Generated Content

Starting on January 16, YouTube is taking a firm stand against content that uses AI to emulate deceased minors or victims of violent crimes by removing it from the platform. This policy update is a response to some true crime content creators who have used AI to recreate the likeness of dead or missing children and provide them with a childlike “voice” to narrate their own deaths. It is a significant step in ensuring responsible content creation and underscores YouTube’s commitment to community safety. For marketers, this move is crucial as it reflects a shift towards platforms prioritizing ethical and responsible content creation. It’s an essential consideration for brands and advertisers aiming to align with platforms upholding high content standards.

Threads Accidentally Reveals ‘Latest’ Search Feature

In an unexpected turn, certain Threads users on iOS discovered a ‘Latest’ search option, which the company later confirmed was an accidental release of an internal prototype. While not meant for public testing, this incident hints at Threads’ ongoing efforts to enhance search functionality, a move that seems necessary if it wants to become a real competitor to X in the future. This potential development could significantly benefit marketers, offering improved discoverability and engagement opportunities for their content and products.