Pulse Advertising x MAC Cosmetics went viral

24 content creators, 128 content pieces, 15 million impressions: these are the numbers we obtained for the campaign dedicated to the new MACStack mascara.

June 14, 2022

Our company, Pulse Advertising, which specialises in influencer marketing, social media management and paid advertising, employed our expertise and industry knowledge to create a social strategy in order to launch MAC’s new product. We activated a squad of 24 content creators, entrusting them to be impactful storytellers, and it paid off; The record-breaking #MACStack campaign conveyed the M-A-C Cosmetics brand’s own message of uniqueness and inclusivity, achieving 15 million impressions in just four weeks (March 21 through April 15).

“The strategy to support the launch started from an in-depth study of the target audience,” explains Paola Nannelli, Managing Director of Pulse Advertising Italy, “we then identified 24 content creators in line with the brand’s needs and concocted an effective storytelling on both Instagram and TikTok. The goal was to reach a wide audience belonging to both Generation Z and Millennials.”

In choosing the influencer squad, the approach was very different to the norm. Instead of using only beauty experts, we took into account three main macro-categories: Lifestyle influencers, who made it possible to intercept a wider audience by bringing them up to speed on the brand itself, bold influencers whose content deals with issues such as inclusion, diversity and LGBTQ+, profiles that are consistent with MAC’s positioning and values and who therefore enhanced not only the product but the brand as a whole, and colorful eclectic content creators, who love to get noticed, who live a colorful and exuberant life, with an extraordinary character capable of interpreting the product in a unique way.

Moira Lena, Brand Manager MAC Cosmetics says, “We are delighted to have once again had Pulse Advertising Italia at our side for the launch of the new MACStack Mascara; a product that, thanks to its novel formula and ability to adapt to the needs of all consumers, has been very well received by our loyal community, guaranteeing endless possibilities for customization while encouraging a celebration of individuality and free personal expression”.”

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