Pulse x TikTok Download: Creators

Pulse Advertising was on the shortlist of partners to participate in “TikTok Download: Creators”, an event hosted by TikTok, all about Creator Marketing. Our Executive Director (Italy), Paola Nannelli, represented our company on this occasion as the local representative for the Italian market.

May 11, 2022

In an event hosted on 27th April, five breakout sessions took place, divided by market, so that each conversation could be led with a local-market focus and allow our company and all the other partners to shine and demonstrate their expertise.

Paola was joined by Cristino Battista, the Creative Partnerships Manager at TikTok, to explore the power of TikTok creators, how they drive brand fame and how to partner with creators on brand safety. They also delved into how TikTok has made it so easy to collaborate with creators with their many tools and ad formats, which they are constantly adapting and improving. It was a fascinating and lively discussion on these topics and was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended.

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