The Sound of Influencer Marketing

Coachella seems to have become half music festival, half branding opportunity for brands and influencers.

April 26, 2024

Coachella has been all the rage last week, but it’s not exactly the muddy music haven it used to be. It now hosts over 200,000 attendees and A-list headliners. Coachella has definitely levelled up into a full-blown social media spectacle and branding opportunity!

Think stunning festival fashion, polished influencer pics, and a constant stream of brand-sponsored content. And who can blame them? For brands, Coachella is the perfect opportunity to connect directly with consumers and generate enormous amounts of user-generated content (UGC) thanks to the festival’s natural media frenzy.

Brands Take Coachella by Storm

Let’s take a look at Poppi, a sparkling beverage brand, and how they activated Alix Earle for their Coachella experience. They created a customised “Poppi House ” for TikTok star Alix Earle to stay in during the festival. This included flying her out to Palm Springs and surrounding her with Poppi merch galore. Guess what? Earle, with her 6 million+ followers, genuinely interacted with the brand and shared the experience online – major win!

Another brand making waves on TikTok and using Coachella as their new branding opportunity was Kendall Jenner’s tequila brand, 818. They teamed up with a squad of other brands like Bumble, Ouai, and Liquid IV to create the ultimate “818 Outpost” experience. Festival-goers enjoyed free goodies and beverages from all involved, and the buzz spread like wildfire online. We’re talking UGC content from festivalgoers, influencer posts, and tons of online chatter about the participating brands.

The Future of Festival Marketing

Looking ahead, we expect brands to take a page out of Coachella’s playbook and create even more over-the-top, social media-worthy pop-up experiences and branding opportunities during the festival season. Get ready for a spring and summer filled with fun and interactive brand activations that’ll have you glued to your phone and itching to join the party (virtually or IRL).