Unlocking the Power of CGI

How brands can create game-changing ads.

May 13, 2024

As we move into 2024, brands are looking for ways to stand out when it comes to advertising their products. One way brands have done this is by utilising AI, visual effects and even CGI in advertising to make their products appear out of this world.

False lashes or false ads?

One of the first brands in using CGI in advertising to create a “wow” factor was Maybelline. Their iconic Tube and mascara brush ad featured an underground train with false lashes, making it look like the train was brushing through the mascara wand. This clever use of visual effects not only amazed audiences but also sparked debates about whether the CGI was real. This ingenious advertising strategy got people talking about the brand and also highlighted the product in a unique and entertaining way.

Keep them wondering

Another brand that successfully used CGI for a viral ad is Jacquemus. They posted a quick Instagram clip showing their famous Bambino bags zooming around the iconic streets of Paris. This subtle launch left many viewers questioning whether the video was real or fake. The realistic yet fantastical imagery captured attention and sparked conversations across social media platforms.

The right balance

However, with the widespread use of CGI in advertising, the question of authenticity arises. As more brands, from high-end luxury goods to everyday drugstore items, jump on the CGI trend, one wonders if the novelty is wearing off. Are consumers becoming desensitised to these eye-catching visuals, or do they still find them engaging and fun?

The use of CGI in marketing raises important questions about its future effectiveness. While CGI offers brands a creative and innovative way to showcase their products, the overuse of this technique could lead to diminishing returns. Consumers might begin to see these ads as gimmicky rather than genuinely engaging. However, if used thoughtfully and sparingly, CGI can continue to provide unique and memorable experiences that resonate with audiences.

Ultimately, the key to maintaining the impact of CGI in advertising lies in balance and creativity. Brands need to ensure that their use of CGI adds real value and enhances the storytelling of their products. By doing so, they can keep their audiences intrigued and entertained, ensuring that CGI remains a powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal.