Influencer Marketing
Trends in 2023.

5 steps marketers shouldtake toprepare!

5 steps marketers should take to prepare!

In 2022, new app on the block BeReal went mainstream, hitting over 10 million users. Instagram began its Reels push, ensuring the short-form videos are front and center of everyone’s feeds. Twitter was officially taken over by Elon Musk. TikTok continued to win the hearts of Gen Z.

Among all these changes, one thing stayed the same - the power of influencer marketing. With a predicted value of $16.4 billion in 2022, more brands are waking up to the fact that this advertising strategy will authentically connect with customers and drive conversion.

But what can your brand expect from the influencer marketing industry in 2023? How can you stay one step ahead of competition with cutting edge campaigns that blow your KPIs out of the water? Following these trends is the first step to success.


Recession will
impact audiences

In 2023, it seems likely that the looming recession will hit - and brands and consumers alike are feeling uneasy about what’s to come. Social media users don’t want to see influencers flaunt lavish lifestyles when they themselves may be struggling. Yet people trust people over brands - so an influencer collaboration done right will reinforce consumers’ trust in you. Brands must create campaigns with influencers who emphasize the cost-saving benefits of products - such as durability, smart energy saving features or diverse functions - so customers feel supported through difficult times.


Attention spans
will get shorter

Imagine trying to sell your brand to a goldfish. That’s the challenge marketers face, with human attention spans reaching a new low of 8.25 seconds - even shorter than the 9 seconds a goldfish can focus. With just the blink of an eye to connect with your audience, short videos will continue to dominate. One in four of the most liked TikTok videos fall within the optimal recommended video length of 21 to 34 seconds and 59.9% of people said they would avoid watching a video they considered to be too long. Collaborating with creators who know how to capture their audiences’ attention through snappy, snackable video content will ensure no one scrolls past your brand’s campaign.


seconds =
humans’ attention


Ethical issues
still dominate

Diversity; inclusion; LGBTQ+ rights; sustainability: these topics will continue to be at the forefront of conversations in 2023. Consumers will no longer tolerate brands who take a backseat on these issues, or use moments like Pride month as branding opportunities. Instead, brands must put their money where their mouth is - particularly as Gen Z consumers are 84% more likely to buy products after learning that the brand in question supports a social cause or is socially responsible. By collaborating with influencers whose values align with yours, you can reassure your audience further.


of consumers
buy because
of UGC


User-generated content
remains most authentic

The popularity of TikTok and the rise of BeReal indicate a continued desire for authenticity on social media - and brands must adapt their advertising strategies accordingly. Audiences want to discover new brands organically through user-generated content, which 80% of consumers say highly impacts their purchasing decisions. It’s a no-brainer to collaborate with influencers on challenge style videos that encourage their audience to create content of their own. This will get everyone on TikTok talking about your brand - so you’ll go viral in an authentic way.


Performance marketing loses
targeting abilities

Cookies help marketers track user behavior on their websites, giving them the information they need to target those users more effectively. Safari and Firefox already block third-party cookies - and as of 2023, Google Chrome (the most popular browser in the world) will do the same. Without cookies to provide specific targeting and with an increasing number of us using ad blockers, traditional performance marketing ads will struggle to reach their ideal audience. The consequence? You need influencer marketing more than ever. Not only is influencer marketing organic, authentic and never restricted by ad blockers, but your brand can effectively target by collaborating with influencers who's following matches your audience.

In 2023, social media shows no signs of stopping. As digital-first advertising continues to dominate, your influencer marketing campaigns must cut through the chaos and connect with customers. By following these 2023 trends, you’re certain to get return on investment.

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