Chris Kastenholz featured on HORIZONT

Our CEO on the importance of EMV in Influencer Marketing

February 16, 2024

Pulse Advertising Co-Founder and CEO Chris Kastenholz recently explained why EMV (Earned Media Value) is one of the most important metrics when it comes to measuring influencer marketing in an article by HORIZONT. Influencer marketing is making up larger and larger portions of marketing budgets, but many brands are still hesitant to commit to it, since the success of influencer campaigns can be harder to put into numbers than traditional advertising.

Chris explained how EMV is calculated and can actually be used quite successfully when it comes to predicting the success of brands and influencer marketing campaigns on social media.

“Earned Media Value measures the interactions with posts and calculates the value of every like, share and comment. In that way, we can measure a brand’s value on social media and compare it to competitors."

The key takeaway is, yes, social media and influencer marketing need to be measured differently than traditional advertising, but they are an integral part to any brand’s online presence if they want to really connect with their audience and be successful online.

Read the full article here or talk to us on how to level up your influencer marketing game.