Social Media Reports | Global | April 2024

Soft Drinks


Download our Soft Drinks Report which details industry findings and ranks the 20 leading brands worldwide on their social media performance - who's winning and who's being left behind?


64% of soft drink consumers revert to campaigns and influencers on social media before purchasing a new product. Meanwhile, Coca Cola gained a staggering 25 million new followers through their “Share a Coke” campaign, while YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI used their reach to launch Prime, now worth over $8 billion. Emulate their social-first advertising strategy to drive consideration among a digitally-native audience.

Which brands have the most successful social media strategies? We conducted a thorough multi-layer analytical study, assessing the follower growth, engagement rate, content quality and influencer partnerships of 20 top brands’ Instagram and TikTok accounts.

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