Get your head in the game!

As the global audience for sporting events like the Olympic Games continues to grow, brands are presented with exciting opportunities to engage with viewers worldwide.

April 4, 2024


These events are not just sports competitions; they are celebrations of shared passions and unity, offering a unique platform for brands to connect with diverse audiences. Social media marketing is essential for brands to stay ahead of the game, during the game. Here are three of the most compelling strategies to maximise the marketing potential of this year’s big sporting events.


Athletes as powerful brand influencers

Athletes embody traits like dedication and excellence, making their endorsements highly influential. Brands can collaborate with athletes not just for their achievements but for their personal stories and values, offering a genuine connection to the audience. This dual approach leverages both the professional and personal aspects of athletes, broadening the scope for brands beyond the traditional sports industry.

Tapping into lifestyle and wellness

Sporting events inspire audiences towards healthier lifestyles, creating an ideal moment for brands in health, beauty, and wellness to engage. Campaigns like Adidas’ “Run For The Oceans” showcase how brands can align with the inspirational aspect of sports to promote broader, socially relevant themes.

Capturing adrenaline and adventure

The excitement surrounding sports events offers brands a chance to connect with an adrenaline and adventure-seeking audience. Sponsoring athletes or teams associated with extreme challenges presents an opportunity to highlight a brand’s adventurous spirit, utilising influencers to enhance visibility and engagement.

Harnessing passion and euphoria

The emotional highs and lows of sports events offer a unique engagement opportunity for brands. Real-time social media engagement and celebratory promotions can tap into the collective euphoria. Influencers play a key role in connecting brands with their audiences on a more personal level.


Influencer marketing during sports events offers brands a chance to reach a global audience and to resonate with them on a deeper level. By strategically aligning with the themes of these events, brands can ensure their message is not only seen but felt, enhancing visibility and forging stronger connections.


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